About the Author

Aral is a highly sought after editor and strategist in the independent author world.

Her career began in 2012 when she published her book series under a pseudonym, experiencing international success.

Using her skills as a journalist, editor, writer, graphic designer and marketer, Aral now helps others enjoy a similar success.

You can read some of her essays here, her short stories here, and her novels here, and Bereux’s ebooks from Amazon are available here.

In The Attic Editing Agency

In The Attic is a family run Ballarat online editing and marketing agency with a focus on helping indie authors find success. We also sell unique, hand-crafted writing and reading implements, and offer writing and editing workshops.

Services Offered

Line Editing

Book Signing Events for Authors


Book Covers

Manuscript Appraisal

Marketing Advice

What We Do

Editing for indie authors isn’t just about grammar. Voice, pace, plotting, world building, story arc and consistency are vital for success. Couple this with stunning book covers and a tailored marketing strategy that includes book signing events, and you may be well on your way to independence and success.

Our Australian editing agency is one of the few editing agencies in Australia offering these services outside of traditional publishing houses, where we are dedicated to you maintaining your voice.

And although we’re Australian-based, our Aussie team also specialis(z)es in US English, so don’t feel you can’t join your Commonwealth counterparts and approach us for help if you live across the ocean.

In The Attic Agency
We are currently online, with the hopes of a brick and mortar shop in 2023.

Posted by Aral Bereux