Elementor #467

Caden Madison (Cain Marat)

Caden Madison, a French-Romanian also known as Cain Seth Marat in French and Eastern European ancient circles, is a full-blood Watcher. Appointed to the High Order, Caden took an oath to guide and train Seers.  Caden was a founding member of the Old Council and served as their longest Head between 1995 and 2024 before establishing a New Council intending to regain the moral compass he believed was lost in the establishment of the One World Order. Eventually, the Old Council suspected Caden of sedition, leading to his arrest in 2024. Caden’s reputation as Cain Marat is one of notoriety in Europe as someone who gives vengeance and punishment quickly and harshly. He is the younger brother to Bastiaan Madison (Seban Marat in ancient circles) and cousin to Tarisos Madison. He was Master Watcher to Daniel Rae—his last student before his appointment to oversee Daniel’s sister Julianna Rae’s seer training.


Posted by Aral Bereux